Rare find : a Speedmaster 145022-74 “Apollo-Soyuz” case

Today I’m writing about my latest find : a Speedmaster reference 145022-74 in original condition, never restored.


This watch looks quite ordinary at first glance, but it actually has an extremely rare feature : its pushers are identical to those on the famous Speedmaster “Apollo-Soyuz” from 1976.

(photo credit : Fratellowatches)

The Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz is the only known model on which the pushers have a diameter of 5,5mm instead of 5mm.  Consequently, the case is also specific and has been modified in order to receive these oversized pushers.

Below, we can clearly see the size difference if we compare with a classic Speedmaster 145022.


So, why does my Speedmaster also have these particular pushers ?  I think that when the Apollo-Soyuz were assembled, some “classic” speedies assembled at exactly the same time may have received the same case.  It is also interesting to look at the serial numbers.  Apollo-Soyuz speedies are numbered between 39.180.xxx and 39.181.xxx, and mine is in the same range (39.180.8xx).  I even found a Soyuz produced at less than 100 units of interval (39.180.9xx).

The extract of archives will probably tell us more about its origin !