Omega vintage : why we love them

Vintage Omega watches are becoming more and more collectable, especially classic models.  What are the reasons of this success ?


The movements.  Firstly, the quality of their movements is really good : they were made to last and are still extremely reliable even if they are more than 50 years old.  If you service them every 5-10 years, you you won’t have any problem.

The design.  Their design is timeless, with pure lines and nice proportions.  Some of them can be easily compared to the emblematic Patek Philippe Calatrava.

The price.  Another argument is the price : for 1000€ you can still find a nice example, in very good condition and guaranteed by a professional.  This is one of the purposes of this website : proposing vintage watches carefully selected, restored, and at reasonable prices. Omega sportswatches (Speedmaster, Seamaster 300) are quite expensive now, this is why a lot of collectors are also focusing on classic models.

There is another reason we absolutely need to point out : it is the beauty of their dials. Take a loupe and have a close look at a dial : the quality is clearly high, with excellent finishes and subtle reflections.  Add a nice patina… how can you resist ?

I have attached some pictures to show the diversity of Omega dials (but a lot of other versions exist).