A 1974 Speedmaster forgotten in a drawer (part 2 : the restoration)

The 1974 Speedmaster that had been forgotten in a drawer has just been fully restored.  The following operations were done :

-Full service of the movement and adjustment

-Polishing of the original plexiglass 

-Replacement of the center chronograph hand that was defective by a vintage tritium hand

-Cleaning of the case, pushers, bezel, bracelet

-Replacement of the gasket that had melted


General aspect, before :

After :

Before :

After :


Details of the “step” dial :


The case of this watch looks unpolished which is very rare.  I therefore decided to leave it in original condition.  The lugs are still sharp.  


The caseback where the gasket had melted, before :

After :


The movement had not been overhauled for decades and the oils were completely dry.  A full service has been done by a professional watchmaker specialized in chronographs, and the movement is now like new. 

Before :

After :

Before :

After :


Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this little report 🙂

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help for the restoration of your Speedmaster.

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  1. Bart Thans 15 May 2019 Reply

    WOW, great ressurection, that’s a lovely piece!
    Correct bracelet and endlinks too!

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